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Solstice Songs: For Dark Days

by Kim Boekbinder

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Dreamsong 03:15
I like when I can fly in my dreams With you I like when I can breathe underwater With you We could step off of this ledge And fly together With me With you If you trust yourself I'll trust you too I'll fly With you
Your heart was made to love, to love It's true, it's true But your heart was also made to break in two, into Into tiny little pieces made of you You scatter the pieces as you pass by Leaving a trail to follow and I Am following your broken heart to you My heart was made to love, to love I do, I do But my heart was also made to break like you, like you I scatter the pieces as I pass by Sharp as knives, clear as sky You can follow my broken heart to me Our hearts were made to break And it can't be a mistake Maybe our hearts make spores Breaking off to go make more More love and more heartbreak Leaving pieces of ourselves for people to take Like the jewel at the heart Of everything Always whole Yet always Shattering Your heart was made to break in two, in two, into Into tiny little pieces made of you.
My love, my love She falls for everyone My love My light, my light Is saying goodnight My light My dreams, my dreams Are waking up it seems My dreams And I would walk I would run I would fly Straight to the sun


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released December 9, 2015

Recorded and mixed in the NOISEWITCH Studio by Kim Boekbinder.




Kim Boekbinder New York

a fractal

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